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2 września 2019

NR 47 (Sierpień 2019)

Why SEO is so important?

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Our leading editor decided to ask Łukasz Żelezny about SEO tactics and how to make more users visit your website? Read this conversation and learn how to improve this area of ​​marketing in your company. Łukasz will talk more about SEO during his lecture at the Online Marketing Congress in October.

SEO (or SEM) versus Social Media - which digital channel represents a bigger impact on digital activities and why?
I am an old SEO so answer can be only one. SEO. But when you go deeper you may see some additional stories told by other consultants. These stories will give you a better view on how this SEO vs Social Media duel looks like.
First of all, let me create some logic here. Comparing SEO to Social Media should mean in fact comparing organic traffic performance to organic social media performance. As such 99 of 100 times SEO will have better result. We all know that organic reach is lower every year. SEO has own challenges but hey, the intent behind the usage of search engine is way more business and conversion focus than mixed intent of usage of social media. 
Then you should compare paid search marketing with paid social media. Here social media may look a bit better. Let me estimate that 5 of 100 times social media win over PPC. Again, intent is a clue to that results. When someone is looking on Facebook on what others were eating this doesn’t automatically mean you are hungry. Another example - if I am targeted by age, interest, gender and many other factors, it doesn’t mean I have intent to convert.
That is why these days search engines always win over social media.


Could you compare SEO approach and market maturity between UK (or Western Europe) and Poland? What are the significant differences?
Polish market is fascinating. Every year I have a pleasure to engage with mature companies that understand the value of SEO and search marketing ready to invest. Currently I have at least a few clients from Poland. And that consciousness has been a massive pivot since 2007/2008 when I decided to move to UK. Considering the fact that economy is getting better in Poland I am every day more and more happy I can still speak Polish language and maybe even one day return to my homeland. 
UK market is a bit different. There is less focus on backlink building. Also companies understand idea of consultancy in a different way. These days I am consulting with a few big clients and they know it’s a long process… a journey… a marathon rather than 100-meter sprint. 
Aside of that, there is a huge demand related to all types of awards. Search Awards, Agency Awards, PR Awards. People living in UK love awards. Some apply, others judge, then they meet and spend time on awards ceremonies. 

Generally, how SEO market has already changed in terms of an algorithm in the last 3 years? 
Less shortcuts more hard work. It is much harder to cheat and find some quick fly-by-night solutions. Strategic approach really pays off these days. Finally, there are less ways to write content just to saturate SERPs. 

What is your private TOP10 rank of Google's "algorithm ingredients"?
First: A proper onpage optimisation. I am seriously addicted to this. SEMRush, Searchmetrics, DeepCrawl, Content King, Ryte, OnCrawl and other can help a lot with onpage optimisation process. I personally like SEMRush a lot as this platform gives overall score of how well website is optimised. From 1 to 100. That is a great supportive metric to show progress to any customer. 
Second: Right after OnPage there is page speed. These days website must load as fast as possible.
Third: Optimisation around Title Tag and H1. These still have a strong impact on positions in SERPs. 
Fourth: Research with Keyword Magic Tool - it’s a part of SEMRush platform. Amazing way to research keywords. You can see average CPC, Keyword Difficulty, Search Volume and more.
Fifth: Research with GAP Analysis - again part of SEMRush allow you to check You vs Competitor(s). Where they are ranking and you are not. Then filling this GAPs with relevant and quality content help to increase relevant traffic.
Six: Data Studio with API from Search Console. That way you can identify keywords quickly that rank relatively high. Then push them a bit up with optimisation. Repeat. And see amazing results in short time.
Seven: Links from relevant sources. I am using Brand24 to track mentions around my personal brand. When I see any unlinked mentions, I try to approach website owner and convince that link would be great :)
Eight: Images compression. Websites on WordPress make this easy these days. Shortpixel or WP Smush.
Nine: LazyLoad. For one of my clients we wrote custom code that lazyloads Wistia videos. 
Ten: Featured Snippets - these can deliver phenomenal growth as are placed...

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