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5 listopada 2019

NR 48 (Październik 2019)

What is marketing? – an interview with Seth Godin, author of a new book on the market “This is marketing”


Artur Maciorowski: What are the biggest 3 myths in marketing?
Seth Godin:
MYTH 1 Marketing is a selfish act of stealing attention to hustle people to buy low-value things that they don't really want or need. 
MYTH 2 Marketing and advertising are the same thing. 
MYTH 3 Marketing is about reaching the masses.

Artur Maciorowski: How our approach to marketing strategy - in particular in terms of STP (Segmentation-Targeting-Positioning) model – evolve?
Seth Godin:
The useful way to think about marketing is to realize that you can serve an audience. The smallest viable audience. A group of people who would miss you if you weren't there. When you serve them, you aren't doing marketing TO them, you're doing it WITH them. 

Artur Maciorowski: How digital changes marketers mindset and their way of communication?
Seth Godin:
Digital seems to be a free version of TV mass marketing. It's not. Digital is focused, addressable micro marketing. Digital is effective when you have the permission to reach the people who want to hear from you. And digital is measurable.

Artur Maciorowski: The last advertising campaign/marketing activity that impressed Seth Godin is... 
Seth Godin:
I'm not interes...

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