Marketing and/or technology?

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How MarTech is changing the landscape of marketing? How to select and invest in technology? And finally - what is the future of the marketing & technology marriage? - find out the answers for these and more questions in an interview with Scott Brinker, CEO HubSpot and The interview took place during the InfoShare conference 8-9 May 2019.

Artur Maciorowski: According to research (e.g. eMarketer) we spend from 5 to 20% of our digital budgets investing in marketing technology. How could you explain this approach? 
Scott Brinker, CEO HubSpot/
 This a great place to start. Technology is still new item on marketing budgets. You know so far marketers have focused on investing in staff or considered outsourcing like cooperation with agencies, and of course investing in media. We should also remember that investing in technology was not a task for marketing departments.
But it changes. Now we can observe an explosion of marketing tools and we can see more and more marketers spending money on purchasing different types of software. An interesting thing is coming - marketers taking greater responsibility for LTV - lifetime value cycle. And that’s a need f...

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